About Me

I’m currently the managing partner (someone take over please) at Guerra|Days Law Group, a boutique real estate law firm based in the bustling heart of Houston. But don’t worry, this site isn’t intended to bore you with legal mumbo-jumbo about retainers and flat fees.

Nope, it’s going to be my playground, a spot where I can let my inner creative genius loose – something my dear old mom always encouraged. You see, my legal career, while still in full swing, has a tendency to strangle the life out of my more imaginative side.

Real estate? Well, that wasn’t a discovery I made during some riveting courtroom drama. It all started with my rather nerdy fascination with real estate, which led me to the wild world of law. But as the years rolled on and I took on the role of firm manager, I got caught in the web of endless paperwork and the daily grind that comes with the territory. And, wouldn’t you know it, my time for the fun stuff – research, collaboration, and writing – shrank faster than my coffee breaks.